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"The systematic course schedule for the required courses and the detailed assistance with transfer processes were seriously impressive.  I was able to check if I was doing well. The requirements needed for transfer prep seemed as massive as a mountain, but I was able to conveniently check them through changeup. It's lit, fam!"

‍University of Michigan
What a Roadmap!

"They recommended schools for upward transfer and necessary courses that suit me, helping me understand my strengths and weaknesses according to my academic interests. They suggested courses and schools where I could best leverage my strengths. Total game-changer!"

Emory University, Media Studies
Great Tool!

With Changeup, I figured out what I had missed and what to do with details to be a better transfer applicant.

David, Cho
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hil
Dream Comes True!

"While some agencies exploit international students' lack of information for profit, ChangeUp provided me with essential and accurate details at a lower cost than typical consultancy fees. Thanks to them, I got a roadmap to successfully transfer to my desired university/department, helping me move faster towards my dreams. Major props!"

Jason, Kim
UC Berkeley, Computer Science
Fast Track!

"I thought attending a community college (CC) in the US was mandatory if I was studying in a Korean university. I transferred directly from Kookmin University to the University of Rochester. Without changeup, I would have wasted a lot of resources on CC and ESL. ChangeUp transformed my life by offering a reasonable cost roadmap for transferring from a Korean university to a US one. So clutch!"

Daniel Shin
University of Rochester
Totally Changeuped

"I was totally lost since there were no services or consultants knowing about transferring from Korean universities to US ones. I thought going to a CC was the norm. But using changeup, I learned about the courses I needed to take and the scores I needed to manage. Ended up getting into a way better school than I originally aimed for. Absolute win!"

Sungkyung Kim
Pratt Institute Architecture
Like chat GPT...

"I've met with many study abroad consultants, but I have no doubt that changeup, which only provides reports, has far better info. No matter how much I googled, asked local students or advisors, or checked school websites, there were tons of things I learned only from a changeup report. The data changeup has is more than enough to change our lives. Total lifesaver!"

Carl Koh
University of Wisconsin, madison
Xie, Xie

"I was studying at a university in China with not-so-great grades, so I heard from study abroad consultants that it would be tough to transfer to a US college. Like 99% suggested entering a community college (CC). I stumbled upon ChangeUp and learned that GPA isn't everything for transferring to a US college. Their report mapped out courses I needed to take, where to focus for course-specific GPAs, and so on. I can confidently say that it's super affordable considering the quality of info they provide. Absolute bargain, I'd say!"

University of illinois, Urbana